About Me

My name is Angel. To all those who are wondering if I really act like an Angel…. it depends on who you ask. Anyhow, I love visitors and I’m glad you’re stopping by. I’m here for your entertainment, as well as good information on places to go, places to experience, my opinion (if you care for those) and an inside look into my mind.

I’m a mama of three little ones, an animal lover, ( I love guinea pigs they’re my favorite!), a foodie ( it’s the way to my heart), and a lover of Jesus( self-proclaimed Jesus freak and yes I turn up for Jesus every Sunday and working on daily turn ups). I love adventures, writing, and reading. There’s more to me than what I just mentioned, and if I keep your attention long enough, you’ll definitely discover the unorthodox personality (I’m an ENFP if you’re  curious)  that is me!



Sometime you gotta live a little unorthodox” -Angel Coleman