Start Your Own blog!

So you want to start a blog?

Starting your own blog can be very intimidating! Have no fear! I am here to help you, get off to a great start! I’ll keep it simple and easy no worries. Building a blog does take time and effort. To make it the best quality you can I would give yourself a month before officially launching. It also costs money to build a quality blog, so be ready to invest not only time but money.


Niche Up

You’ll need to pick a niche. A blog niche is a defined topic/s that your blog covers, and is written for a certain audience. Here is a list of niche ideas to get you started. Pick something you’re very passionate about!

  • Helping other bloggers
  • Parenting
  • Motherhood
  • Pregnancy/BreastFeeding
  • Cooking/Food
  • Faith
  • Health & Fitness
  • Travel & Lifestyle
  • Relationships
  • Music
  • News
  • Technology
  • Writing
  • Self-Improvement
  • Organization/Productivity
  • Sports
  • Beauty & Fashion



Now that you have your niche, take a look at other blogs to get inspiration, of what you want your blog to look like, and what kind of topics they discuss! Do research on how to create blogs for that certain niche. Believe it or not Zoella was an inspiration to me, even though she does mostly fashion, and beauty she does other topics as well, and her blog is amazingly formatted.


Choose your domain name

With so many domains to choose from you may have to get creative. I want to point out that your domain web address doesn’t equal the name of your website. For example, if I wanted to name a blog Burgers+Love but the domain name is taken you could use or, but the name of your site will still be Burgers+Love.

My domain name is through Google Domain, but you can also get a domain together with a web hosting site!



Choosing a web-host is an important step in blogging. Take a look at this quick sixty second video that goes into web hosting.


I use BlueHost and it’s a good start for a beginner. I would choose a simple package and then upgrade as you need to Click the get started button to get your blog started!


Choosing a platform

There are a variety of websites you can use to start your blog. Here are some popular sites you can use to get started:

  • Blogger
  • Wix
  • Squarespace
  • WordPress

WordPress is most commonly used, and easily integrates with many other blogging tools. BlueHost is compatible with WordPress so setting up your site through them is a smooth transition.

I want to warn you though: Do not use WordPress plans! It’s a waste of money. You end up paying more money and the website is still not your own. What you can do is set up your WordPress account through Bluehost, and it will sign you up with an account for is the free version and more complicated to try to self-host from there and I promised I’d keep this simple.

Blogger is great as it integrates well with google analytics and google ad-sense to monetize your blog because Blogger is owned by Google. I’ve used Blogger as a free platform and I felt it was really easy to use and more customize-able than WordPress.

Squarespace is great for photographers, magazine companies, and fashion bloggers.

I don’t know much about Wix, but some research will help you find out whats best for you.


Create a Logo

Part of creating a brand is having a Logo. It’s the face of your brand. Creating a logo can be a bit stressful, and overwhelming, but not to fear. I used LogoJoy to create my logos. I loved how easy it was and how inexpensive it was. Having someone create a logo for you can cost hundreds of dollars. Logojoy use AI technology to generate a logo for you.

They have affordable logo plans, and their customer service is great! I love LogoJoy! If you want to give it a go and try them out click here. Feel free to check out my logos!


Building your Social Platform

The best way to get people to your blog is through social media. We all know how powerful social media is. Which is why I encourage you to grab your social media handles asap! Even if you don’t use it right away grab it anyway.

Here are my suggestions for certain Niche blogs to help you decide what the best social media platforms are best for you!


Photographer/Fashion/Beauty/Travel Bloggers:

  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • Youtube (Especially for Fashion and Beauty bloggers)
  • Tumblr (Especially Photographers/Fashion Designers)

Parenting/Lifestyle Bloggers

  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Facebook Page(Optional)
  • Pinterest

DIY/Health/Fitness Bloggers/

  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube (Especially for DIY)
  • Facebook Page


  • Facebook Page
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter


  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook Page
  • Tumblr (optional)


Choose a theme

No matter which platform you use they will offer free themes. You can use those or you can buy one. Genesis offers a variety of different themes you can choose from. Start simple. Restored 316 uses a variety of more feminine themes (if you guys have other suggestion of companies who great themes let me know!) Take their Quiz and find the right theme for you!

Which theme is best for your website? Quiz

Market Theme



Create Quality Content

Create a few great quality post before you launch! When creating great content, be passionate, and be YOURSELF!



On your personal media it’s great to get everyone excited about your blog! Let them know weeks ahead that you will be launching a blog soon, and set a launch date! When the day comes celebrate your accomplishment and treat yourself for a job well done!


Starting a blog is a lot of hard work but has it’s rewards! I want to give you something to help you on your blogging journey! I am giving a free checklist and Blog resource kit to help you organize the start of your blogging journey. Your resource kit includes, blog tools, WordPress plugins, and websites to help with monetization. Click the picture below to get your kit!