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A Matchaholics Guide to Matcha Treats

I am a huuuuuuge matcha lover!!! Seriously I am a matchaholic! If you have seen my Instagram, you will see me post my favorite matcha treats!

My first introduction to matcha was working as a Starbucks barista. I had a green tea frappucino and I have been hooked ever since! I’ve tweaked the traditional recipe to make it my own. My go-to Starbucks drink is a vanilla soy green tea latte (sometimes I get an extra scoop of matcha). Now to be real, although they use Japanese matcha in their green tea latte its also mostly sugar. So for all those who didn’t know, it’s not as healthy as you think it is, Starbucks version that is. That being said, real matcha has some pretty awesome benefits for your health.

What is matcha?

You may have seen my review on Blue Marble’s Green Tea Ice Cream, and I explain a little bit about what it is. Matcha is Japanese green tea, grounded into powder. Yum! Sound super appetizing right? Maybe not, but there are so many benefits to matcha.

Matcha Benefits

Matcha green tea gives you super powers! Ok, not really, but I feel like it’s my super power drink because Matcha has a bit of caffeine. About half the amount of a cup of coffee, which sounds disappointing but the caffeine in Matcha has a gentle energy boost (and it’s way better for your body). Unlike coffee that ends with a crash, Matcha creates “alertness” instead of the jittery, powerful kipck coffee caffeine gives you.

Matcha green tea also has a special ingredient called L-theanine. I first heard of this a few years ago. It’s a stress reliever, it also helps ward off the side affects that caffeine can have, as well as improve memory, and concentration.

Antioxidants are another huge part of matcha. Antioxidants help your body fight infections. It’s flu season people! Boost those immune systems! Matcha is a great way to do it.

There are so many more benefits to matcha find out more benefits here!

Now my favorite part!!! Matcha can be more than just a drink ( although i want to go deeper into making matcha drinks), you can also cook with it, and as I have  a sweet tooth, I am going to share my favorite recipes and treats! I hope one day to get an espresso machine just to make fancy matcha lattes! Soon… Until then here are my favorite ways to enjoy matcha!

Matcha Recipes

Green Tea Ice Cream-  Green tea ice cream can be hard to find, although one of my favorite restaurants Kumo Japanese Restaurant and Buffet does have it! I use U Matcha Natural, to make Green tea Ice Cream, and I like it because it’s strong! This Matcha is great for cooking. Here’s a super simple recipe to make Green Tea ice cream.

matcha green tea

The Republic Of Tea U-Matcha Natural Tea, 1.5 Ounces / 20+ Cups, Matcha Tea Powder

Green Tea Cup Cakes– I like simple and easy. I’m not much of a baker but, I like simple recipes. Using U Matcha, click the link to view a simple recipe to make Green Tea Cup Cakes!

Matcha Snacks

Looking for a few Matcha munchies? Well I’ve got you covered!

Green Tea Kit Kats– They are so much better than the regular ones. With a creamy sweet green tea taste and all the crunch of a Kit Kat bar!

Japanese Green Tea Kit Kat 2 Packs (24 Pieces Total)

 If you’re in the Cleveland area Rocket Fizz, in downtown town Cleveland carries them in single packs and bagged.

Pocky Sticks

These are little cookie biscuit sticks with Matcha crème. I try to grab a few when I see them because I don’t find this flavor very often. Don’t suggest this for first-time Matcha eaters.

Pocky Matcha Green Tea Cream Covered Biscuit Stick Snack [JU-ICSH]

In Cleveland I have found them at Forever 21 in Strongsville, and Giant Eagle in Rocky River.




Of course, this former barista wouldn’t end this post without my favorite Starbucks Green Tea suggestion:

Power Up Green Tea Frappuccino – Sometimes if I missed breakfast and needed caffeine I would make this Matcha green teaFrappuccino. My version: Green Tea Frappuccino with Soy, Protein  Powder, and Vanilla. 🙂

I am adding a new café to this list. REBOL Cafe and Bar is a sweet little spot in downtown Cleveland that offers non-GMO food/drinks. I will do a review of them soon.

Honey Graham Matcha Milkshake– I discovered this combo matcha green teaover the summer, and love it. It’s a sweet yummy treat that I tweaked off their menu. It’s their honey graham milkshake it’s made with ice cream, graham cracker, honey and peanut butter. Instead of peanut butter I substitute matcha instead. It’s delish!

Have I convinced you yet? Matcha green tea can be used in all types of ways but there’s nothing like a hot matcha latte. Have you ever tried matcha before? How do you like your matcha?

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Until Next time! See you in the next post!
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