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Need a Logo? I’ve got you covered

Creating logos is an important aspect in creating your brand! Whether your a fellow blogger, vlogger, or bussiness, you need a Logo your viewers can associate with your brand and bussiness.

I’m still pretty new to blogging, at least in creating a brand for my blog. Purely Unorthodox is only four months old! 🎉🎉 I am learning along the way to become a better blogger and offer my viewers something to read, see, and talk about. So in our four months we have evolved and we have made little changes here and there!

Recently I’ve made another change! Purely Unorthodox has brand new logos! You may have seen my Dark Purple logo on Facebook or Twitter. Well we have switched it up thanks to Logojoy! Take a look below:

I’m super excited to use these wonderful logos from Logojoy! Purple is one of my favorite colors and orange speaks to new adventures I hope to expose you too in my blog!

LogoJoy uses AI  technology to generate the perfect logo for you, whether your a blogger or bussiness. You can edit it as needed and the prices are really affordable!

You can try it out and see what kind of logo’s you will generate! Creating a Logo is now easy and fun!

Want to make you own logo? Visit Logo Joy to get started!


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